What kind of weight training program to start?Part 2

weight training program

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Weight training programs designed for strength.

So we already touched on weight training programs designed for endurance and weight loss. A weight training program designed for strength calls for a rep range of 4-8. Again not a lot of benefit for the average person. garcinia cambogia g complex

I’d say slightly more then a program designed for endurance training. The lower you get on your rep range the more changes will happen on a neurological level as your body reroutes the neural path ways to achieve greater muscle fiber recruitment. [Read more...] garcinia cambogia g complex

What kind of weight training program to start? Part 1

Why does it matter what kind of weight training program you use? Because it’s all about what you are trying to achieve with your weight training program. garcinia cambogia g complex

Reasons to lift weightsweight training program garcinia cambogia g complex

Fitness, Weight loss, and Me(part 2)


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Where my quest for fitness took me next.

So I started school about 9 months after I decided to take some actions to improve my over all health and fitness  levels. I started with N.P.T.I 60lbs.

lighter then when I signed up for the program. So far so good right, but there were definitely things I would of done differently had I been better educated in fitness. I’m sure I dump a significant  amount muscle while losing the weight. [Read more...]

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